Fighting against various alien ideas and threats, forming national immunity.

31.03.2016, 11:32 Institute news, News 2895

On March 29, 2016 10:30 at the hall of the institute the promotional event was held on the theme : “Fighting against various alien ideas and threats, forming national immunity” . Institute rector A.N. Yunusxojayev, vice – rector on spiritual and educational works  O.I. Xudoyberdiyev, the head of the Committee for Religious Affairs under the Ministers Cabinet of the Republic of  Uzbekistan  M. Yuldoshev,  a teacher of the Russian Orthodox Church seminary O. Shkovorodyuk, attached from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary special education as a responsible employee X. Eshov, institute vice – rectors, heads of departments, heads of public organizations, faculty deans, professor- teachers and 250 students participated in the event . During the conversation, listened to interesting lectures by experts and students on the theme of the event and expressed their views. Following the religious extremism, terrorism and its negative effects on the theme of “Conspiracy” documentary film was shown.

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