Tashkent-Changwon (South Korea): the way of fruitful cooperation

23.01.2016, 07:03 Без рубрики 1736


7-8 October g.Changvong (South Korea) on the basis of Changvonskogo National University held a Symposium on nano-biomaterials and advanced technologies of analytical chemistry, which was attended by a presentation by Professor A.N. Yunuskhodjaev, rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute.

Changvonsky National University is a leading university dedicated to research in the field of biochemistry, nano biomaterials used as drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

The result of the visit of Professor A.N. Yunuskhodjaev the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Changvonskim National University and the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute provides for cooperation in the training of the teaching staff and joint research in priority areas of pharmaceutical science, in particular the development targentnyh nanopreparations used for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. as well as the diagnosis and assessment of students’ knowledge; Assistance in applying for an internship faculty; direction leading professors to give lectures and exchange of experiences.