«Language – mirror of nation»

19.10.2016, 16:40 Institute news, News 2450


On October 17, 2016 at 15.00 in TashpharmI took place the event on theme: «Language– mirror of nation». On October 17 was adopted the law about the adoption of the language as a state.   On February 17, on the 30th session of UNESCO general conference was announced about the celebration of the international day of native language. In our republic this holiday is widely celebrated.

In Chapter 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is said that «State language of the Republic of Uzbekistan – is Uzbek». To all nations living in the territory of Uzbekistan is provided respect and preservation of language, culture. Call of the time is that to our generation the native language must be passed in pure form, it should be developed.

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In this event the speech was made by academician of the international academy of sciences, c.ph.sci., associate professor R.Zh. Zhumaniyazov, famous poet and journalist Mukhammad  Ismoil. The first-year students showed their performances. In the event took part 200 students and the faculty.

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