Exams rules and regulations

Entrants have right to get the second and the next higher education on the contract base (The Law on Education, Article 14). In June, 26 buildings and ordinal numbers of the auditoriums, where tests will be taken, will be shown to the entrants.

Starting from June, 27, all entrants can take admission with ordinal number of the group, coinciding with ordinal number of the auditorium.

Taking tests to the full-time tuition and by correspondence will be conducted in 3 languages: Uzbek, Karakalpak and Russian in conformity with the Order on entrance examinations. In all regions of Uzbekistan tests will be conducted at the same time – in June, 10* and in August, 1(* – in this day entrants will take exams to the military educational institutions). Tests taking day, entrants’ admittance into the building will begin at 7.30 a.m. At the entrance entrants must show their passports and admissions. Starting from 8.00 a.m. entrants will begin entering into their groups. If the Selection Committee withdrew microcalculators, dictionaries, tables, books, mobile phones, means of communications, cribs and others from entrants, there has been taken away entrant’s admittance, made up a statement (by wish), where a member of the Testing Centre Commission makes a signature. Entrants can’t be admitted to the tests.

After beginning tests (after 8.30 a.m.) entrants can’t enter the building. Entrants, who don’t come to the tests, can’t take tests additionally.

Entrants take tests in the language, which was studied at school (Cyrillic alphabet, Latin alphabet).

Requirements to the entrants during tests:

Entrant must carefully check the equivalence of the variants of questions book and answers sheet. If there is graphic mistakes or no typed places or other mistakes, entrant must immediately notify a curator and take another questions book and answers sheet (if an entrant didn’t say about these lacks till 9.00 a.m. his (her) request won’t be taken). In the questions book there must be written surname, name and patronymic of the entrant in the special graph and he (she) must sign. Entrant has to read and do all rules, brought in the point “Entrants attention” in the questions book and answers sheet. While filling questions book entrant must use ball pen with blue ink. Entrant can’t use felt pen, ink pen and gel pen.

All information about himself the entrant will rewrite from title sheet to need graph of questions book.

Series and number of the passport, special code, code of the educational establishment and selective code are rewritten from title sheet to answers sheet and special small circles are painted.

In the title sheet and admission there has been rewritten surnames, names and patronymics of the observer and auditorium curator. Every subject has its own place for answers. Entrant, who takes tests on the foreign language will paint small circle for language he needs. Every question can take one answer only. If there are two answers for one question, this task won’t take a point. It takes 3 hours to solve 108 tests and it takes 2 hours to solve 72 tests.

Answers option is voluntary. Selected answers are rewritten in necessary blocks by the entrant. It is given additional time – 20 minutes for that. Filled answers sheet is a main document, defining entrant’s knowledge level.

 Right filling answers sheet is on the entrant’s personal responsibility.

Entrants’ claims don’t take, if:

Small circles are painted wrong; answers sheet is substituted; subjects’ blocks are entangled and painted wrong; surname, name and patronymic of the entrant, special code, code of the educational establishment, series and number of the passport are not written in the need place; there is no sign; there are not numbers in the title sheet.

It is prohibited to go out of auditorium till the end of tests. Entrant, left auditorium, can’t return there.

After ending time for testing (12.00-11.20), auditorium curator announces officially about ending tests. All test materials of the entrants: questions books, answers sheets and title sheets are gathered by a group curator and an observer. At that time all entrants are sitting on their places.

It made up document for entrants, who don’t take their test materials and this document is stuck to the answers sheet.

An auditorium curator and an observer calculate test materials and pack into the box. Two entrants sign in the indicated place of the box.

For consideration of the citizens appeals about tests there has been established Commission on consideration of the appeals in the State Test Centre (further – Commission).

Commission structure has official persons of the State Test Centre and experts on the sciences. Commission structure is asserted by the director of the State Test Centre.

Citizens have a right to address to the Selection Committee in the day of announcing results during a month. Application form must be considered during 10 days in the day of registration (objections of the entrants of the military educational institutions will be considered with the applicants of the educational institutions). Application form will be considered in the presence of the applicant. During consideration of the application form one of the parents can attend the process with the person certification. Applicant must come to the Commission in the fixed time with the passport. During consideration he (she) will be shown answers sheet and a sheet with wrong answers. There will be given duplicate of questions book. At the end of consideration there has been made a document and it will be signed by all members of the Commission and an applicant.

Information about the results of the consideration will be presented to the State Committee on selecting entrants of all educational institutions of Uzbekistan. Applicant has a right to address to other state organs.

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