List of documents required for admission

Document enumeration represented by entrants to Selection committee of the educational institution

  • Application form with indicated form, direction and learning language.
  • Certificate (original) on average or average special education.
  • Medical information in 0086 I form.
  • Passport photocopy
  • Photos – 3.5×4.5 size – 6 pieces
  • Loose leaf binder – 2 pieces, envelope – 2pieces.

Entrant must show his (her) passport, military card.

Winners of the International and Republican Olympiads must give original documents certifying right to enter without competition.

Military men, served on contract and entrants with recommendations from military unit must give their recommendations till June, 20.

After inspecting documents of the applicant, entrant must be photographed by web-camera, and then his documents will be taken.  Separate rooms are organized for photographing. Photos are brought in entrants base and sent to the State test Centre (STC). Documents of entrants, who are not photographed, won’t be taken.

After implementing requirements of the Selection Committee, all documents will be taken by a responsible person and an applicant can take receipt.


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