Student Residence Administration

Khudayberdiyeva Nilufar Erkindjanovna

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Student hostel administrator

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The student dormitory of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute was built in 1977 and consists of 4 floors. The total area is 9984 of which living space – 3922 square meters

At present, there are 343 students living in the dormitory, including 148 boys and 195 girls. For them, all the necessary conditions.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 11 of January 17, 2006, “On the activities of student dormitories”, the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute conducts work on the Model Charter “On student dormitories”, created on the basis of the Order of the Institute No. 12 of January 25, 2006.

At the post responsible for the student dormitory worked:

Hobibov Zokhid Khabibovich (Head of the Department of Botany, 1977-1980), Usubbaev Maksamadzhon Usubbaevich (Head of the Department of TDT, 1980-1987), Asabayev Chapai Asabayevich (Associate Professor of the Department of Physiology, 1987-1989) Musaev Hasan Nosirovich (Physiology) Cholponov Komiljon Aminovich (Associate Professor, Department of Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry, 1993-2006), Rustamov Ibrohim (Associate Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Ecology), Kamilov Adham Mahamadovich (Head of the Department of Pharmacy, 1991-1993), Usubaev Anvar Makhamadzhanovich (Associate Professor of the Department of Drug Industry, 2009-2010) .), Akhmedov Uzar Akhm edovich (Head of the department of botany, 2010-2013), Ilkhomov Hisomiddin Shotursunovich (associate professor of the department of physics, mathematics and IT), 2013-2015) and Radjabov Alisher (senior teacher of the department of physiology, 2015-2017). Rules of ethics, discipline, purity and also mutual respect among the students living in the hostel were regularly followed. Various clubs for free pastime of students were created. Different cultural, educational and sporting events were organized.

Currently  the student council is worked which consists  of 25 students selected among the students living in the hostel. The main tasks are assigned to members of student council, and now they work effectively. The student council carries out the cultural and educational works on the basis of the working plan made and approved by the management. The student council carries out a wide range of actions, such as holding creative meetings with statesmen, scientists, writers and poets, improvement of a field of activity of institute, studying of methodologies (training in language) and actively participates in sporting events. The library, the gym and cultural and educational rooms  are  worked regularly in the hostel. Now under the leadership of students circles of English, Russian and needlework are worked. In gyms and on sports grounds pupils play sports, gymnastics, volleyball and soccer, strengthen health and spend free time.

On the basis of the schedule of work of department approved by the rector of institute, professors and teachers of our institute are duty  from 18.00 to 8. 00 also hold various events with students, organize round tables.

The vice rector for spiritual and educational work of institute and the vice rector for educational work together with deans of faculties organized duties among students for maintenance of an order and purity in the hostel and beyond its limits.

The management of institute assigned to departments in a certain order of the room in the hostel. Professors and teachers of department hold the regular spiritual and educational events with students living in the hostel.


Name:  Yusupova Nigora Erkinovna

Position: Teacher-educator of the student hostel

Phone: +998909284020



Name: Mahmudova Holida

Position: Head of student accommodation

Phone: +998946023262






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