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Educational Department

The educational part conducts its activities under the statute and the plan approved by the Scientific Council of the Institute.

The Program for the Training of Personnel, adopted in the Republic, radically changed the tasks of the educational part of higher education institutions.

At the present stage, together with the organization of the educational process, the educational part forms methodological provision, provides educational programs and necessary documentation, regulates the process of raising the qualification of the faculty, introduces new pedagogical and information technologies into the educational process.

At the institute, from the day of the creation of the training part, the department was staffed by highly qualified professors and teachers. They are:

  1. Stepanenko Maria Yakovlevna (1971-1974), senior lecturer of the department of organization of pharmaceutical work.
  2. Melkamova Zinaida Vladimirovna (1974-1979), associate professor of the department of TDTT.
  3. Evdokimov Pavel Konstantinovich (1979-1982), associate professor of the department of TDTT
  4. Khonkhuzhaev Olim Khamidovich (1982-1989), associate professor of the organization of pharmaceutical work.
  5. Urmonova Flura Faridovna (1989-1992), Professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy.
  6. Khalimov Abdurakhim Halimovich (1992-1994), Associate Professor of the Department of DTT.
  7. Muborakova Feruza (1994-1995)
  8. Khalimov Abdurakhim Halimovich (1995-1997) Associate Professor of the Department of DTT
  9. Zhumashova Tukhta Urinovna (1997-1999)
  10. Umarova Shakhnoz Ziyatovna (1999-2018)

For effective organization of the educational process, the academic part has developed new statutes and normative documents. In particular, the Charter for the development of the skills of pharmacists, recommendations for the implementation of coursework, the criteria for assessing the knowledge of students of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, etc.

The educational part adjusts and forms new mechanisms of introducing new pedagogical and information technologies into the educational process by the teaching staff.

Under the guidance of the academic part, the faculty of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute is implementing the post-reform of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on August 20, 2015, № 242 “On measures to organize the system of raising the level of professional skill and retraining of leading and pedagogical staff of higher educational institutions” and every 3 years refresher courses. The faculty of the Institute under the approved plan is being promoted in the Main Methodological Center and regional centers, as well as in such countries as Germany at OTTO Fan Geric University, Great Britain, Malaysia, Korea, Ukraine, the Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy, in St. Petersburg Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy and other leading universities in the world.

In addition, at the initiative of the training department, joint seminars are organized with the participation of leading scientists of the world in such courses as: “Theoretical bases for the production of medicines”, “Organization of the wholesale trade of pharmaceuticals by GPP”, etc. The leading specialists of the Ukrainian National Pharmaceutical University, I.M.Secheneva. So more than 60 professors and teachers of our institute received international certificates.


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