Master department

Mamatmusaeva Nilufar Erkinovna

Academic degree and title:

Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor


Head of the department

Time of receipt:

Monday-Friday (09:00-16:00)


(0371) 256-19-16


The department will improve its function on the basis of the decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 20, 2017 “On measures for further development of the higher education system” № PD 2909 and on July 27, 2017 “On measures to further expand the participation of industries and spheres of the economy in improving the quality of training specialists with higher education” № PD 3151. According to them, the requirements for qualifications and the composition of subjects in the curriculum have basically been revised. Approval of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 190 “on measures for further improvement and increasing the efficiency of the MA course activities in the system of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated September 10, 2007 is a step towards the effective implementation of tasks specified in the national training program starting in January 2008, the Department of MA course was organized at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and its head was appointed Ph.D., associate professor of drugs technology department Nazirova Yayra Kosimovna.

During 2012-2018 the department was headed by the associate professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical technology of medicinal forms, doctor of pharmacy Iskandarova Sh.F. Since February 8, 2019, the department is headed by Associate Professor of drugs technology department Ph.D. Mamatmusayeva N.E.

The department conducts its work based on the following documents:

– Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PD 4456 dated July 24, 2012 “ON THE FURTHER PERFECTION OF THE TRAINING SYSTEM AND CERTIFICATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC AND SCIENTIFIC-PEDAGOGICAL PERSONNEL OF HIGHER QUALIFICATION” to ensure its execution, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “ABOUT THE APPROVAL OF MA COURSE STATUS” № 36 dated March 2, 2015; order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan “ON THE APPROVAL OF THE REGULATION ON THE SYSTEM OF CONTROL AND EVALUATION OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF STUDENTS IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS” №  19-2018 dated August 9, 2018;

– approved  SES (state educational standard) dated 2017  in the field of specialties, approved in 2017 qualification requirements and curricula of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan

– working curricula approved by the rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute for each academic year.

Organize the activities of the department in the following areas:

– development of state training standards and other regulatory documents in the field of MA course, their regular improvement on the requirements and suggestions of employees;

-development of the educational process, quality control of training for the preparation of masters;

– management of the MA course activity, the modernization of mechanisms and forms of organization of educational processes;

– monitoring the provision of graduate specialties with the necessary textbooks and literature, to bring into this business leading scientists, highly qualified specialists, the organization of the improvement of the scientific sector;

– control of research and scientific-pedagogical work of masters;

– compliance control of the department of the Institute for training masters;

– monitoring the mastering of graduate students, the placement of graduates, the preparation of reports and analysis of the master’s thesis;

– the development of motivation mechanisms, the improvement of social, professional and personal qualities, the provision of conditions for the realization of their duties of teaching staff training graduate students;

– development and formation of information support systems for specialties of MA course;

– participate in the development and application of educational projects and programs with partners from foreign countries and the Republic;

– identifying priority paths for system analysis of available, finding, identifying problem situations, trends in the development of MA course;

– organization of the study of requirements and proposals in the field of MA course, ensuring competitiveness in the labor market;

– creation of an information bank about jobs in the labor market for graduate students who have studied on a budgetary basis, the development of partnerships with employers;

– development of proposals and instructions based on the interests of the participating partners in training masters, also on the basis of the requirements for the duties of the magistracy, developed programs, projects and initiatives for its improvement.

Students of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute receive education in the following specialties:

– organization and management of pharmaceutical business;

– pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy;

– industrial drugs technology

– technology of immunobiological and microbiological preparations.

Starting from 2012, master’s theses were defended in English.

One of the remarkable achievements is the effective functioning of international integration in the MA course system of the institute. The institute cooperates with several countries of near and far abroad. These include Ukraine, the Russian Federation, South Korea, Kazakhstan and others.

Currently, three graduate students of the master’s program, Shamshitdinova Maftuna, Narzullaeva Khilola, Azizov Shavkat, are studying for a PhD at South Korean National Chungbuk University. In order to prepare proposals for the project of integrated development of higher education in 2017–2021 3 of the undergraduate students were recommended to study in a foreign university to obtain a PhD degree.

By Resolution № 190 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures for Further Improvement and Improving the Efficiency of MA course Activities in the System of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated September 10, 2007, the State Testing Center since 2015 conducts regular testing to check the qualifications of teachers and students of master specialties and their training.

We are proud that our institute has always achieved the highest results in these studies. For example, according to data obtained in 2015, Tashfarmi was in 1st place in 2016, as a result of tests conducted in November 2016, in special subjects, the figure was 100%. In addition, according to data sent by the State Testing Center for the 2015 and 2016 academic years, it was revealed that the development of the academic performance of all subjects was increased.

Scientific articles and theses were published on the master’s theses performed at the institute. Master students take an active part in scientific conferences held at the institute and in relevant research institutes, reporting about the results of their research.

In the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute graduate – students are trained in the following areas:

  • – Management (Pharmacy);
  • – Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy;
  • – Technology of medicinal forms and preparations;
  • – Industrial technology of drugs;
  • – Technology of immunobiological and microbiological preparations.

The effective activity of the educational system of the Master in International Integration deserves special attention. Work has been carried out on cooperation with near and far abroad. These include Ukraine, Russia, South Korea. To date, 2 graduates of the Master’s program study at the National Chungbuk University in Korea to obtain the PhD Degree.

Pursuant to Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of September 10, 2007, under 190 “On Measures Conducted to Improve the Quality of Education in the Structure of the Master’s Program”, since 2015 regularly are conducted tests to assess the knowledge of teachers. Our institute regularly takes high indicators. In 2015, Tashfarmi took the first place in testing. In 2016, the level of students reached 100%.

Since 2012 there has been introduced protection of master’s theses in English. There has been deserved special attention efficient operation of the educational system of the Master course in the international integration. Under the agreement № 34/10.11 from October 27, 2011 between the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and the National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov of Kazakhstan 4 graduate – students of the Pharmacy Faculty under the guidance of mentors passed 105 – day research practice in relevant specialties. There have been presented their reports on their scientific work. Reports were taken satisfactorily and students were awarded certificates.

There have been published articles and research papers on a thesis. Graduate- students actively participate in scientific conferences at the Institute and other institutions of higher education and scientific research institutes with the results of their research work.

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