Department staff

Jumayeva Gulshoda Allanazarovna

Academic degree and title:


Head of department e.t.d

Time of receipt:

Everyday (10:00-15:00)


(0 371) 256-38-50


The Personnel Department is an independent structural division of the Institute. The personnel department is directly subordinate to the rector of the Institute. The Personnel Department is headed by the Chief, who is appointed to the post by the order of the Rector.

The Personnel Department carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regulatory legal acts of higher government organizations, the Charter of the Institute, the rules of internal labor regulations and the Regulations on the Personnel Department.

The main tasks and functions of the personnel department are:

– to formalize relations within structural units;

– to ensure compliance of activity of the staff with the standards of the labor legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the organization;

– to create and maintain data bank on the quantitative and qualitative composition of employees;

– to organize and maintain personnel records and office work for the staff of the Institute, ensuring standardization and unification of personnel documentation;

– to provide  the institute with labor resources in accordance with the lines of activity and strategies for its development;

– to analyze types of violation of labor discipline and the effectiveness of preventive measures;

– to consult managers and employees of the Institute on problems related to labor activity and labor legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– to ensure the personnel workflow in the Institute;

– to register labor contracts and labor books, orders for employment, transfer, dismissal, granting of holidays, business trips, etc.;

– to maintain internal personnel records (registration of personal files, filling in necessary forms, etc.);

– to systemize personnel workflow.

Direct management of the personnel department is carried out by the head, who is appointed by the order of the rector.

To fulfill the functions and realize the rights, the Personnel Department interacts with the structural divisions of the Institute on the whole range of issues, which are necessary for the successful organization of its activities.

The department consists of 4 units: Chief of Department, Engineer in Human Resources, and 2 inspectors.


Beymurzaeva Saadat Mukhtarovna

Inspector of Personnel

Tokens-secondary special

Specialty: lawyer-economist


Mukhamedova Zarina Alimdjanovna.

Inspector of Personnel

Tokens-secondary special.

Specialty; lawyer.

Аbduraximova Movluda Nurullo qizi.

Engineer of Personnel

Tokens-secondary special.

Specialty: pharmacist.

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