The chair of physics, maths and informational technologies

Shodmonov Kamoliddin Kazakdjonovich

Academic degree and title:

Candidate of Chemistry Sciences, Assistant Professor


Head of Department

Time of receipt:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (13:30-15:30)


(0 371) 256-93-35


From the year of foundation of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute in 1937 till 1948 the subject of physics and mathematics were  taught at the base of physics department at the  Tashkent  Medical Institute. Since 1948 lectures were given by professor V.N.Mikhalkov, head of the department of physics and mathematics, practical lessons were conducted by the teachers having second job of (senior teachers S.S.Rumi, assistants V.A.Litosh,  V.I.Nogornov, M.G.Gaziev, Ya.I.Postupalskiy) at the base of physics department at the  Tashkent  Medical  Institute.

In 1958, the physics and mathematics department was founded at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute.  The head of the department was the assistant professor I.I.Islomov, correspondent member of Academy of sciences.  At that time, the laboratory classes were conducted at the base of physics department at the Tashkent Medical Institute, because of absence of material- technical base,   by the assistants V.A.Litosh ,V.I.Nogornov, M.G.Gaziev and  S.S.Azizova. In 1960, the head of the department of physical and mathematical sciences S.G.Chernomorchenko was appointed.   S.G.Chernomorchenko in a short period the material and technical base was reached, it was eqquipped with necessary apparaturs, equipments, at thebase of Institute educational and scientific works process were implemented. Since 1970 the members of department were changed that’s why only S.G. Chernomorchenko, A.M.Inog’omov R.A.Asadulin V.I.Nagornov S.S.Azizova M.G.Nigmatullin D.Rasulmuxamedova and others were engaged in research works on different themes. From 1970 the members of department became constant: the head of the department S.G. Chernomorchenko, the senior teachers A.M.Inogamov, assistants R. N. Kibirova, I.Sh. Shaxromov, P.I. Isayev, B.V. Sobolev.

During this period, the department was enriched with new technical equipment: for example, during the lectures where used cinecamera and cinescopes, at the laboratory lessons was used eight-branched electroencephalograph produced in Hungary. About   20 scientific articles, educational-methodical aids, manuals on physics and mathematics had been written. With collaboration of the staff of Tashkent Medical Institute created the magnetic field apparatus and it was used in the hospitals of Tashkent. In 1980, P.I.Isaev, the candidate of biological sciences was elected as a head of the department.

During 1980-1992 the lectures on  physics, mathematics and biophysics were given by Ph.D. P.I.Isaev, S.Temirov, the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences V.T.Tulanov, Z.I.Akhmadjonov, practical lessons were condacted by the assistants A.M.Inogamov, S.I.Isroilov, R.N.Kabilova, I.Sh.Shakhromov, G.T.Abduazimova, N.X.Ulugmurodov, Sh.Sattorov, L.I.Sidirova, N.Kamoliddinova. These persons carried out educational works and the following scientific researches in two directions:

  1. The application of the laser.
  2. The Environmental Challenges.

Employees of the department published more than 30 scientific articles, 5 manuals.

Higher and practical mathematics department was formed the first physics courses in September 1992.  In 1993 the physics department was formed and head of the department was assistant professor A.K.Saakova. During 1996-2000 the head of the chair was B. Sapayev and educational and scientific processes were conducted by assistant -professors S.Temirov, S.Yo.Inogamov, senior teachers G.T.Abduazimova, N.Kh.Ulugmurodov.

During 1987-1996 at the department teachers carried out the scientific researches. The result of these works candidate dissertation was defended by the senior teacher N.Kh.Ulugmurodov in December 1996. In addition to these works in the next ten years, many scientific articles and more than 10 guidelines had been published. At first the students of the Pharmacy Faculty studied 3 subjects (physics, biophysics and mathematics) then the students of Pharmacy and Agrobiotechnology Faculties studied 5 subjects (physics, biophysics, electrotechniques, Agrometerology and Automation) with training models and work programs.

In 1992 the Institute established a new Department of Agrobiotechnology and that’s why the number of students and teaching hours increased. The department of “Physics and Mathematics” was divided into two departments “Physics” and “Higher and Practical Mathematics”. Z.I.Ilkhomov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences headed the department in1992 – 2004. M.S.Pozilov headed the department in 2004-2005. During this period, at the department worked the following teachers: assistant professor N.Sultonov, senior teachers Kh.Ilkhomov, T.Jumasheva, assistants Sh.Juraboev, N.Makhmudova , G.Khakimova, B.Abdurakhmonov, A.Rakhimov, D.Sunnatova, N.Samigova and others.

Since 2005, the “Higher and Applied Mathematics” and “Physics” departments were combined and named as “Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies”. From 2005 to November 2009, the department was headed by assistant professor N.X.Ulugmurodov. From 2009 to April 2015, the department was headed by assistant- professor Kh.Sh.Ilkhomov. From 2015 to May 2016, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences S.Y.Inogamov. At present day the head of the Department is assistant- professor K.K.Shodmonov.

Professors and teachers:

  1. Shodmonov Kamoliddin Kazakdjonovich  – assistant Professor,
  2. Inogamov Sobitjon Yokubjanovich  – assistant Professor, d.t.sci.
  3. Ulugmuradov Nor Khudoykulovich – Professor, c.t.sci.
  4. Ilkhomov Khisomiddin Shotursunovich – assistant Professor, c.t.sci.
  5. Abdurakhmanov Bahram Alisherovich – assistant Professor, c.f-m.sci.
  6. Qodirova Nazokat Turayevna – assistant Professor, c.t.sci.
  7. Narzullaev Davron Zikrillaevich– assistant Professor, c.t.sci.
  8. Baydullaev Abdurahman Serikovich – senior teacher.
  9. Samigova Nadira Xamidullaevna – senior teacher.
  10. Sadiková Nargiza Bakhtiyarovna – senior teacher.
  11. Tursunova Zuxra Botirovna – senior teacher.
  12. Sunnatova Dilfuza Abatovna – senior teacher.
  13. Aripova Feruza Nor kizi – senior teacher.
  14. Kadyrova Gulchehra Aliasqarovna – senior teacher.
  15. Ilyasov Shokir Tuychievich– senior teacher.
  16. Sattorov Shukhrat Shakirovich – teacher.
  17. Sadullayeva Mavjuda Ziyadullayevna – teacher.
  18. Tursunov Alisher To’lqinovich – teacher.
  19. Rajabov Elmurod Egamberganovich – teacher.
  20. Rasuleva Maprat Rafiqovna– – teacher.
  21. Khalilova Shoira SAydikarimovna– teacher.
  22. Alieva Nodira Mahkampulatovna – teacher.
  23. Yalg’asheva Shirinxol Usarovna – Head of the office.

The subjects studied at the department:

Bachelor’s degree:

  • Higher Mathematics;
  • Practical Mechanics;
  • Information technologies in pharmaceutics;
  • application of ECM at biotechnology;
  • automation at Pharm. technological processes;
  • The role of electronics in pharmacy;
  • Physics;
  • Metrology;
  • Electro technology;
  • Engineering Graphics.

Master’s degree:

  • Information Systems.

At the department, during the last academic year, have been published more than 20 theses and articles in the Republic and abroad. Methodical work of the department is also significant in the last academic year, for example 10 manuals, Methodical guidelines were prepared. N.X.Ulugmurodov and S.Yo.Inogamov prepared and published the textbooks and teaching aids.

Professors and teachers of the department prepare students to the Students Scientific Society and the Republican Science Olympiads, and achieve good success. Professors and teachers of the department, take active part in all spiritual-cultural events which carried out in the Institute.

The scientific direction of the department

  • Use of polycomplex gels obtained by Na- KMTs as a base of semisolid drugs;
  • Study the physico-mechanical and physico-chemical properties of activated calcium preparations and obtain their medicinal properties;
  • movement of unevenly distributed concentration flow along the horizontal pipe;
  • multi -value reverse tasks which put on mathematic- physics equations;
  • creation of drying technology of medicinal plants;
  • specify the mathematical model of extraction process.

Educational and spiritual works

The all main staff engages as a coach with groups in system “master-student”. The department teacher Z.B.Tursunova is assigned as responsible to department of “spiritual works”. The Educational and spiritual works of department has been carried out with work plan which adopted at the Institute. Educational works are carried out at outside of the auditorium.

The group of teachers does the followings:

  • They go to museums, theaters with the students;
  • They take part in flourishing of city and the institute;
  • They held meetings with the students in the students’ hostel;
  • They visit memory and the Martyrs Square with the students;
  • They visit to students who live in rent houses;
  • Employees of the department, together with the students participate in all Institute events.

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