Accounting and financial-planning department

Akhmedov Dilmurod Pardakhanovich

Academic degree and title:


Chief Accountant

Time of receipt:

Every day (9: 00-17: 00)





Initially, the department of accounting and planning was established on July 16, 1937, when the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute was established.

This department is headed by Bibishev Abdulla Fazylovich.

He headed the Department of accounting and planning until 1970. In the 1970-1989 years the Department was headed by Hemberlidi Valentina Vasilyevna.

In 1990, Askarov Rakhmat Usmanovich was appointed head of the Department of accounting and planning. R. U. Askarov headed the Department until 1995.

The Department of accounting and planning in 1999-2014 was headed by Mamadieva Rano Nigmatovna.

From 2015 onwards Akhmedov Dilmurod Parajanovi head of accounting and planning.

Over the past period, the Department of accounting and planning carried out the development of the educational process and scientific activities of the Institute, strengthening its material and technical base, providing appropriate training materials, scientific and technical facilities, modern technologies and equipment. Its role is unparalleled.

In recent years, it has helped to publish textbooks, teaching AIDS, various financial services and spiritual education activities prepared by professors and teachers of the Institute, as well as encouraging students, professors and teachers.

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