Poetry – the pain and anxiety of the people

26.12.2016, 11:32 Institute news, News 2803


The poetic heritage of the famous poet, hero of Uzbekistan Erkin Vokhidov and his contribution to the development of literature and art is invaluable and appreciated. His lyrics are imbued with love for the motherland, the people, his poetry educate the younger generation moral and human qualities. In implementing the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 7, 2017 PC-2668 and Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Institute of 23 December 2016 with the participation of  Kengash city of People’s Democratic Party was  held an event devoted to the 80th  anniversary of the Erkin Vokhidov  on “Poetry – the pain and anxiety of the people. ” At the event, with their memories about poet participated well-known scientists O.Madaev, I.Gafurov, R.Zhumaniyazov, poet, winner of the medal “Shukhrat” M.Usmanova. O.Mirzaev and  Sh.Murodov sang songs on poems by Erkin Vokhidova. Students read poems of the poet expressively. This spiritual and educational event made a great impression  in the memory of students and participants.

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