Pulat Kirgizbaevich Khabibullaev – state and public figure

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With the purpose of memory perpetuation    of academician, state and  public figure  P.К.Khabibullaev, for his great contribution to development of  science  and scientific school, to implement  the order of the Cabinet of Ministers  of the Republic of Uzbekistan from May  18, 2017  P- № 551  at the Tashkent pharmaceutical  institute on the 2nd of June    2017  at  14.00 in the conference hall the spiritual-enlightenment event was organized.



In the event took part E. R. Khabibullaeva, D. P. Khabibullaev, chairperson of Women’s council     М.Y.Saidova, deans and  vice-deans, faculty staff, activists of “Kamolot” and students.

More than 250   people participated in the event.

The world-famous physicist


P.К. Khabibullaev in 1955-1960 graduated from the faculty of specialized physics in USU with gold medal.

He was the world known physicist, laureate of State prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan, scientist, academician of Academy of Sciences of the  Republic of Uzbekistan, corresponding member of Academy of Sciences of Russia, academician of many foreign countries, editor-in-chief of  «Узбекистон физика журнали» journal, member of commission of number of journals.

From 1990 – he was the head of scientific direction of optics and spectroscopy. P.К. Khabibullaev conducted research work in cooperation with scientists of physics department in the field of heat optics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

From 1960-1970 he formed at the university under the guidance of the senior lecturer V.M. Nosenko scientific school in the field of optics and spectroscopy. There were carried out research work on the study of laws, interaction with the environment. These research projects developed in three directions: luminescence, molecular optics, practical spectroscopy.

These scientific works are the main cause of scientific development, related to the implementation of scientific research results, the creation of luminescent light sources, the content of elements.

This study plays a big role in the development of medicine, pharmacology and geological sciences.

The results of P.K. Khabibullaev in the scientific-research field are reflected in more than 500 scientific articles, 13 monographs. He graduated more than 30 doctors and 150 candidates of science.

Staff member of spiritual-enlightenment department