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Yunusov Uktamjon Jabbaraliyevich

Academic degree and title:


The leader of the primary organization

Time of receipt:

Every day (8:30-15:00)


(0 371) 256-14-10


Kamolot ” youth organization, the primary organization of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute.

Kamolot” youth  social organization of  Central Committee was established  on April 25   in 2001 , organization of the Tashkent City Council on May 7, 2001, organization  of   Mirabad district Council  on 14 May , 2001, and  organization  of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute of the Council of  initial  organization on May 22 , 2001 which was mainly decided by the establishment of the institute .The activities of the initial organization of “Kamolot” youth social  organization which was formed by our President takes a very important place  in our life  After establishing in 2001, “Kamolot” youth social  organization  is holding  activities in order to join and support  young generation. Initial organization of youth social organization of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute was established under the regulation of the Charter of the YSO and was awarded by the  Central Council.

Main aim and objectives of the organization:
The main goal of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute is to involve youth in democratic, politic and economic reforms which are holding in our country, to ensure the protection of their rights, freedoms and their interests, to improve spiritual, moral and intellectual of young generation, to realize the potential of raising and   to support  their dreams. Initial organization of “Kamolot” youth social organization of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute is conducting activities excellently according to the regulation and program since the early days. YSO took the first place in Republican  “The most exemplary primary organization” according to the results of the 2002 .Nowadays it continues to get such kind of awards.

The main tasks are as follows:

-self  thinking, with its living  position and  strict  belief , to take a proper  place in  society, to reform  the country and to form young generation   that can be strong  and powerful in a new process, help them to rise their  political legal  literacy and  legal culture.

-to form  young generation with  spiritual and moral education  historical memory, national pride and self;

-awareness, involvement in current events, and a sense of national and universal values in Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute;

– to protect youth from  religious- extremists and other destructive ideas and  “mass culture” under the guise that  coming from outside, and the prevention of crime and delinquency among young people;

– full- fledged protection of the talented  young people,  their aspirations to become a highly qualified specialist to support their creative and intellectual potential and to create the conditions for the realization of scientific activities;

-to form ecological culture, healthy life in young generation, to involve them in  physical  education , sports  and others.

Organizational structure includes:

– Total (report – election) meeting of the members;

– Council of the primary organization;

 -Directions of the primary organization;

-Structural units of the faculties of primary organization;

– structural  units of framework in Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute of the  primary organization;

– structure  of the hostel  of primary organization;

-structure of groups of primary organization  “Kamolot ” YSO consists of 9 members, 72 group leaders, 9  leader of the working group , 9 members of the student leaders and  1619 members.

9 members of the “KAMOLOT”  YSO of Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute. COMPOSITION OF THE COUNCIL 

1. ” Kamolot” YSO PO , Chairman of the Council  (O.Yunusov );

2. ” The leader of the organization and direction of information and analysis” (Sh.Fayzullayeva );

3. ” The leader of the direction of the spiritual and educational work” (S.Rasuljonov );

4. ” The leader of the direction of talented youth and young  scientists ” (Karimova);

5. ” The leader of the direction of the Legal Literacy” (M.Matazimov );

6. ” The leader of the socio – economic aspect” (A.Pazliddinov );

7. ” The leader of sport , health and environmental culture ” (M.Nazarkulov );

8. ” The leader of  Press ” (S.To’rayeva );

9. The leader of “Compulsory military service and students who accepted to the institute“ ( J.Obloqulov ).

These departments are activated on the base of public.

“KAMOLOT” youth social organization of primary organization leaders of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute:

The leader of the Faculty of Pharmacy (S.Komilov );

The leader of the industry Faculty of Pharmacy ( S.Oripov ).

The full name of the organization:

State language -O‘zbekiston “Kamolot” yoshlar ijtimoiy harakati;

Latin script – O‘zbekiston “Kamolot” yoshlar ijtimoiy harakati Russian- Общественное движение молодежи «Камолот;

English -youth social organization of primary organization.

 Its abbreviated name:

State language – “Kamolot “YSO

Latin script, “Kamolot ” YSO

Russian Kamolot ОДМ;

English – Kamolot YSO

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