About Marketing

Pulatov  Tirkash Sotiboldiyevich

Scientific degree and rank: candidate of economic sciences and he has no scientific degree

Position: formation of orders portfile distribution and monitoring graduates. Boss of section

Admission time:Wednesday, Friday (15:00-17:00)

Phone number:(0 371) 256-18-18, (91) 191-67-00

Email: marketing@pharmi.uz

Web-site:  www.pharmi.uz

1995 year Tashkent Institute of national economy (correspondence course).

2001 year Uzbekistan university of national (correspondence course).

2001 year Uzbekistan defended the candidate’s thesis on economic growth finance.

1991-2003 year – he worked as the senior treasurer at the Tashkent state pedagogical university named after Nizomiy, as the pro-rector on economics  entrepreneurship.

2003-2019 year- he has held various positions in various  organizations and universities

2019 year 27 August, since he has been working formation of orders portfile distribution and monitoring graduates in Tashkent

The purpose of the marketing department: Develop and implement specific strategies for the functioning of the institute in the educational market; the process of training and separating personnel in undergraduate and master specialties is carried out by consumers (employers) to guide the fulfillment of the requirements of future staff and to ensure that this process is regulated by providing promotional information planning and incentives , distribution and distribution of graduates and the timely preparation of services, organization and maintenance e contracts.

The department is constantly studying the current and future needs and requirements of enterprises and organizations in the field of economics in order to prepare highly qualified specialists at the Institute based on consumer-oriented consumer opinions. In this process, in close cooperation with the regional khokimiyats, which are developing parameters for undergraduate and graduate programs, taking into account the development programs of industry and industry. Based on a study of ministries, committees and other sectors of the economy, as well as the demand for regional sectors of the economy, a “promising order book” was developed for personnel trained in areas and majors to be opened and reopened.


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