Improve the culture of reading

24.10.2017, 15:25 Institute news, News 1693



In order to ensure the implementation of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of March 10, 2017, paragraph 22 “On the development of the system of book publishing and distribution, the Program of a comprehensive curriculum for reading and promoting and promoting literature,” October 23 at 2 pm in the Center for Information Resources of the Institute, educational event. The event was organized by the teachers of the languages department, the Information Resource Center, the activists of the Mirabad district of the mahalla Temir yulovlchilar, the women’s committee, the department of spirituality and enlightenment.

The event was opened by the head of the Spiritual and Educational Department N. Salimsakov. In his speech the President of the Republic of Karakalpakstan “High spirituality-invincible force” I.A. Karimov, as well as the achievements of spiritual life in the years of independence “On the road to happiness and the great future of our country”, the service is the highest happiness “and stressed the relevance of the culture of reading. The head of the women’s committee M.Ya.Saidova noted that the book is a living coach and noted that the importance of literary literature in the educational process is an important tool in promoting national traditions in the youth environment. A student of the 2nd year of the institute, Jaloliddinova Muattar, made a report on the book by the contemporary author Obiddin Makhmudov “Antizma kitabi”. He spoke about the similarities and peculiarities of his work, such as ancient pantesses, advice.

During the presentation she read the fragments of this work. M. Jaloliddinova presented to the IKK books by the author Obiddin Mahmudov. The librarian of the IRC D.D. Abdullaeva told about the book “The book is the mirror of life” and told about the works of the famous writer O. Khashimov. During the event, the head of the language department of S.M. Tuichieva told about the book of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev “We are building our great future with noble and courageous people.” The book was written on the eve of the presidential elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, during the trip to the Republic of Karakalpakstan, oblasts and the city of Tashkent, in the records of meetings with voters, In addition, the creation of a strong, written about the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov, the establishment of an independent republic of a strong, consistent and reliable policy, the history of our country and the world is a worthy place on the historical and independence of the founder of development step by step, the way to achieve a bright future and expressed his thoughts on improving the reading culture as the only soul and creating ideas and ideas that our priority is to turn Uzbekistan into a civilized and prosperous state.

Khodzhaeva, Chair of the Institute’s Curators, gave various examples of the evaluation of the book, an extensive work of art for the expansion of human well-being.

At the end of the event the students made a speech and expressed their opinion on this issue. 35 students of 1 course of faculty of industrial pharmacy took part in the event.