Joint trade union committee

Ismailov Kamoliddin Kurultoyivich

Academic degree and title:

Candidate of Economic Sciences


Chairman of trade union,Head of Department

Time of receipt:

Monday-Friday (8:00-17:00)


(0 371) 256-06-54


Trade union activities in the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute

From the finding of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute in 1937 was established the trade union. The first chairman of the union was associate professor A.U.Rahimov. The following years the union leaders were: A.Yu.Ibodov,  Z.N.Nazirov,  P.P.Tolok,, K.S Tillaev, prof. M.N.Mahsudov, prof.L.T.Ikromov, O.V.Bondarenko, M.H Nurmuhamedova, Z.N Osmonov, A.M.Komilov and A.K.Ganiev.

Since January 18, 2013 the union has been chaired by the Head of the Department of Social Sciences docent K.K.Ismailov.

The trade union committee of the Institute consists of 11 members.

Together with the administration of the Institute the trade union committee carries on the settlement of labor and socio economic relations between the administration and staff focused on the collective agreement. The union numbers 2016 members, including 410 professors – teachers and 1706 students.

The trade union committee carries on the following activities:

– To protect the interests of employees of the Institute under the current legislation;

– Help to consolidate the labor discipline;

– to organize an accident prevention and sports – recreational activities;

– to create the necessary conditions for students living in the dormitory;

– to organize  preferential permits to the staff for treatment and recreation in camp houses and others.

The trade union committee, together with the Institute’s administration considers, discusses and expresses its views on the following documents:

– Improvement of working conditions, protection and occupational safety by the agreements;

– Ensure staff work and guaranteeing social benefits

– Encourage and reward staff and students;

– Decision-making on public

– Economic issues within the competence of the institution;

– Provision of cultural recreation staff and students in the recreation area of ​​the Institute “Chimyon”;

– Creation of conditions for reduced-price meals for students from regions.

Each elected member of the trade union is not relieved of his duties at the main place of work.

The chairman of trade union is involved in the decision of some social facility and increase from the finances of the Institute.

The membership of the trade union committee on  January 1  2016.

  Number Quantity
A 1
Staff of enterprise, (organization) Total 1 418
From them Women 2 283
Youth  (under30) 3 115
Members of the trade union. Total 4 418
From them Women 5 283
Youth  (under30) 6 115
Students Total 7 1706
From them Women 8 764
Youth  (under30) 9 1706
Members of the trade union. Total 10 1706
From them Women 11 764
Youth  (under30) 12 1706
13           –
In the trade union committee  Amount of staff 14           –
 Amount of working staff in it 15           –
From them Principal staff 16 11
Technician staff 17           –


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