Students of the Institute at the training base of Chimgan.

20.07.2017, 12:31 Institute news, News 1792

Every year, on the initiative of the faculty of pharmacognosy, the training practice is conducted on the basis of Chimgan Bostanlik district of the Tashkent region. This year, from June 28 to July 18, the leading teachers of the department together with students conducted a training session. Students all their theoretical signs should be put into practice. Led by Assoc. Chair, the Council of Curators M. Khojayeva, among students will be held spiritual and educational work. Also, active participation in the educational processes of the members of the Women’s Council is planned. Students 3 courses in the mountains of Chimgan along with the study of medicinal plants will also strengthen their health. In recent years, all the living conditions for holidaymakers have been created: hot and cold water, bathrooms, built-in electric stoves.