Educational personnel training

The main directions of scientific department of institute  are enhancement of scientific preparation and research efficiency  and development of educational personnel for achieving higher qualification,  corresponding to long-term plans  and proceeding from the existing opportunities of  the institute, so as  the analysis of dissertation subjects, efficiency increase of the senior scientific employees’, researchers’ and applicants’ departments, working upon industrial introduction of  the results of scientific and technical programs and introducing them into a competition of innovative works.

A number of works under  the decrees implementation of the President of Uzbekistan Republic  (namely: № 4456 “About further improvement of preparation system and scientific and the research and educational personnel of the top skills certification ”  by 7/24/2012,  №4458 “About modification of the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan  by July 24, 2012 unitary enterprise  and № 4456 “About further improvement of scientific research and educational personnel training and top skills certification system” by 7/27/2012) have been done in the institute.

The system of research conducting and the institute educational personnel  training has been transformed according to the “№365 Enactment on the provision on postgraduate education”    of the Cabinet of Ministers. The senior research associates and free applicants’ institute is formed, the department scientific associates and monitoring of data efficiency is constantly conducted in the institutes.

In 16.07.13 the operating specialized council at the Tashkent pharmaceutical institute has been reorganized and  in 2013 the  following specialty doctoral dissertations according to the RUZ Highest attestation commission order under No. 016-I. from 7/22/2013 are allowed to defence:

      15.00.01 – technology of drugs and the organization of pharmaceutical business

      15.00.02 – pharmaceutical chemistry and a pharmacognozy.

     14.00.17 – pharmacology and clinical pharmacology.

221 stuff members work at 14 departments of the institute in 2016.

33 members of the institute stuff are doctors of science and professors, and 97 of them are candidates of science and associate professors. Scientific capacity of the  institute is estimated above 60%.

Departments of the  institute have sufficient scientific and skilled base for the research and educational personnel training. They are fully provided with devices and the equipment needed, chemical reactants, experimental animals, a vivarium and information technologies. There is a Scientific center of medicines standardization equipped with the most modern equipment for scientists. A publication of scientific articles by results of research work in “A pharmaceutical magazine” is provided for researches.

5 senior scientific employee-researchers and 16 independent researchers work at the institute now. 9 doctoral dissertations have been defended  by the staff of institute and one  thesis has been discussed at the Scientific seminar.

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