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Dear Friends and Colleagues !


Avicenna Public Foundation together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute are cordially invite You to participate in the II International Scientific-Practical Conference on the theme “Abu Ali Ibn Sino and innovations in the modern Pharmaceuticals” to be held on April 25th 2019 in Tashkent city / Republic of Uzbekistan.

Scientific directions of the Conference:

  1. Abu Ali Ibn Sino (Avicenna)’s contribution to the development of Pharmacy.
  2. Production of the modern medicines based on the heritage of Abu Ali Ibn Sino.
  3. Creation of medicines, innovations in production and their prospects.
  4. Standardization of drugs, analysis of pharmaceutical and chemical technologies.
  5. Study of plant raw materials and creation of herbal remedies, technology of modern drugs, preclinical studies of new drugs.
  6. Pharmacoeconomics at the stages of creation, sale and use of medicines.
  7. Pharmaceutical biotechnology, biotechnology of medicinal herbs. Nanotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry.
  8. Theory and practice of teaching disciplines “Technology of pharmaceutical preparations” and “Biotechnology”.

Conference scientific materials will be published in the special issue of the scientific Journal “Pharmaceuticals”.

Types of participation in the Conference:

  1. Article publication
  2. Article publication & report /presentation

The selection of articles will be carried out by the Organizing Committee.


  1. Volume – 4 to 5 full pages in A4 format; font – Times New Roman, font size 14; left – 3cm; 1.5cm on the right, 2cm above and below,1.0 line spacing;
  2. Title of the article is written in capital letters in the middle. The next line contains the names and initials of the authors; academic titles and positions are not listed. From the next line should indicate the full name of the organization, city, country, full contact details (phone,email). The name of the speaker should be underlined.

3.The authors should explain all shortenings and abbreviations in case of its first use in the text.

4.Articles are accepted in Uzbek, Russian or English languages.


Authors are responsible for the reliability of data and content of their research works.


The dead line for submitting of articles   April 1st 2019 to

Contact persons: Dr. (PhD)Kamola Nuridullaeva, Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute

tel/fax:(+99871)-256 3 954 , (+998 90) –  805 0 026 (mob.)

Nozimkhon MAKHMUDOV, Avicenna Public Foundation, tel/fax:(+99871) – 268 0 897 , (+998 93) –  557 4 801 (mob.)









II Scientific-Practical Conference on the theme:

Abu Ali Ibn Sino and innovations in modern pharmaceutics”


Surname, name of the speaker________________________________________

University (organization)_____________________________________________


Position, academic degree_____________________________________________

Work Address______________________________________________________

Contact telephone___________________________________________________


Title of the article__________________________________________________

The need for technical means (specify the name)__________________________



*the form is filled with all attendees except Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute members