The fight against narcomania – is the common challenge

29.10.2016, 14:44 Institute news, News 3194


On October 28, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at the institute took place the spiritual and educational event jointly with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education. The event, dedicated to the fight against drug addiction was opened by Rector of the Institute, Professor A.N.Yunuskhodjaev. He paused in his speech that the fight against drug abuse is a global problem of humanity. Such events are of great importance. Invited guests, speakers turned their attention to the following issues: – the fight against drugs and crime: their negative impact on young people; increase in crime on the basis of addiction. About addiction as a disease and its consequences explained narcologist N.Bobojonova. In particular, she explained to the students that drug addicts are people with weak willpower, psychologically weak, often without selfish interests and life goals. After first taking in a drug addict occur imperceptible changes, but then he has an uneven heartbeat, severe sweating, dry mouth, fever, tremors, memory loss, increase in pupils 9 (of the eye). That is the person turns into a servant of a drug. Cheating, stealing are turned to his daily work. The earlier we can prevent this the earlier we’ll return him to normal human life. The duty of every young person is not to get involved in this, study well, to master new knowledge and the main goal is to become a highly qualified specialist. Each of us is responsible for his own future.

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