Pharmaceutical journal

Pharmaceutical Journal was organized in 1992. It goes out four times per a year.

Order of registration of reasons.

The articles must be written in the program Word, with an interval one, twelve type, Times New Roman.  In a release give the copy of the article in two copies, electronic version of the article. Together with article a sending letter with signature of the director of enterprise and act are given about examination.

The extend of the original article with tables, pictures, the list of literature and resume must not exceed over eight pages, analytical articles till ten and twelve pages, but each scientific articles must not be less 0.25 printed list. Analytical articles are written only to order of release of magazine. All abbreviations and brief words in text must fully be exposed.

Another words will have not be shorted in the text, unit measures of the article is given in the system SI. It is given the name of enterprise before articles, the full name of author. The name of the article is written with capital letter. At the end of the article is given number phone, address of e-mail, responsible person. All authors have to put a signature to the end of article. The accepted articles must be criticized and if it is necessary published. A release has a right to abbreviate the article; articles, which published in another publication are strongly suppressed.

Original articles must be contained the following parts: introduction, actuality of theme, discussing of experience and obtained results. Re searching method must be detailed and exact, materials-understandable, clear and short.

Chemical formulas, tables, dosages of medicinal drugs must be carefully studied. At the end of article references to the list of literature should be given in sequence (State…). The quantity graphical materials must not be overdraw 2-3 photos have to the highest quality, clear image, subtext words must not pass to other sheet, certainly have to be references to images and tables.

Articles are taken in Uzbek, Russian or English languages. To articles must be attached resume (not over 60 words). Resume and link words at the beginning of article are given in that language the article written. After the list of literature if the article was written in Uzbek, resume and link words are given in Russian of English, and, oppositely, if the article in Russian –the resume or link words in Uzbek and English.

Address for contacting: 100015, Tashkent City, Oybek Street 45, the metro station “Oybek”.

Tel.: +99(871)2563648,  +99(871)2526762
Faks: +99(871)2564504

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“Pharmaceutical journal”.


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