Teacher’s Day.Dear and honourable people

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We have such kind of people whom we respect and remember all our life. These people are always responsible for the training and education of the younger generation, as well as the work of these people honored and respected in our society. Yes, these are our teachers and mentors. People say, “Master is respected as a father” and we really respect them like our parents, and we love them. All the achievements of our life there is a merit of our teachers and mentors.

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Every year “Teacher‘s Day” is celebrated in the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute. Because of their work to the pharmaceutical branch are coming a new generation of young, active professionals who familiar with specialty. Every year, on the initiative of the rector A.N.Yunuskhodjaev tireless work of the teachers of the Institute are worthy valued and encouraged. In particular, it helds such spiritual and educational activities as “Meeting of three generations”, “Dear people,” etc. And this year, “Teacher’s Day” was celebrated at the highest level. In the Youth Creativity Palace under the Central Council of Social Youth Movement “Kamolot” was organized a grand celebration for the teachers of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute.

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To the holiday were invited honorable teachers, the whole staff and students of the institute. TV presenter of the channel “Mening yurtim” Nilufar Sotivoldieva and Shukhrat Rakhmatjon held the ceremony. With their greetings and wonderful concert program made by Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Ravshan Kamilov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Gulsanam Mamazoitova, winner and laureate of the “Nihol” award Otabek Mutalkhodzhaev and other talented young performers. Leadership of the Institute and trade union of teaching staff generously awarded a group of hard-working, talented and active teachers. Each year, according to tradition on the eve of “Day of the teacher and mentor” of JSC “Dori-Darmon” awarded personal scholarships of active and talented students. And at the event JSC “Dori-Darmon” issued certificates to fellows. As well as the scientific center of standardization issued and awarded diplomas for scholarships named after Mannon Azizov to 5 talented and capable students scholarships.

These awards do not only encourage, but serve the further development of pharmaceutical science in the country. Dear and loved by us teachers! Congratulations on your professional holiday. Be always healthy and happy. We wish you much success in your educational activity!

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