Activity of «DentafillPlyuss» pharmaceutical enterprise

28.04.2017, 13:25 Institute news, News 2066

On April 26, 2017 took place the training-seminar on theme: «About equipment used in modern industrial pharmaceutics». In training took active part Khaydarov Vosil Rasulovich, the head of Drugs industrial technology department, Candidate of pharmaceutical sciences and Ubaydullayeva Zebiniso Alisherovna,   the head of international department, Ph.D. The seminar was opened by the representative of SJSC Uzfarmsanoat. The lecture about packing machine used in industrial pharmaceutics was listened to.  Bernd Hansen gave the lecture on theme: “News from Rommelag”, Stephan Kiesel“Step by step to successful validation”. Also Boris Kovachich, Khanifa Bastamkulova, Herhard Schramm participated in the seminar.


The presentation of glassware samples and packing machine used in industrial pharmaceutics was made. Representatives of our institute exchanged their experience with the participants of the seminar.