Round table discussion on the topic “Measures of Preservation and Use of Natural Gifts” in Chimgan Health Center.

16.07.2017, 12:29 Institute news, News 1091

A round table discussion on “Measures of Preservation and use of natural gifts” was held in Chimgan health center in 14th of July 2017.  The round table was organized by a mentors committee, department of spirituality and  women’s committee of the Institute. The round table discussed such topics as “The role of medicinal plants in human health”, “Economizing  of water and using it properly”. Associate professor of the of Pharmacognosy Department N. Farmonova , M. Khodjaeva and  assistant Sh. Khalilova Sh made speeches and topical issues as patriotism were discussed  on the round table as well. Every citizen living in this country should take care of the natural resources of motherland. 60 people participated the event. They were teachers and students.