Chimgan is the practical training and health camp

Institute’s  education- practical and health dwelling place “Chimgan” is in Bustanlik district in  Tashkent region. It is located in the foothills of haughty mountains , 2500 meters height above the sea level, and 120 km distance from the city. It’s  differ with its beautiful nature and pure air. Еducation- practical camp was founded in 1970. This camp is a big natural source for students to study medicinal plants. They practice the theoretical knowledge which had been taken from the teachers of botany and  pharmacognosy . “Chimgan” is the education-practical camp, and at the same time 200 teachers and staff can have a rest with their family there. During 2014-2015 the camp was re constructed .On the 1st building was built modern shower room, kitchen and toilets, then had given to use. All the living rooms and carriage had been supplied with water and electricity. In front of the carriage was placed verandah and surrounding was beautified. 100 apple trees, 100 nut trees and 100 ornamental trees have been planted.

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