Chimgan is the practical training and health camp

In Bostanlik district of the Tashkent region operates a health camp “Chimeon”. It is located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level and is located 120 km from the capital. It is distinguished by its beautiful nature, located in the heart of the purple mountains.

The camp operates from  the 1970s. This object is an excellent natural resource for students of the Institute who study medicinal plants. Students practice their theoretical knowledge in botany and pharmacognosy under the guidance of a teacher. At the Chimyon Training and Recreation Center, about 200 teachers and staff return to their health each year. In the resort complex for the years 2014-2015, large construction and landscaped works were carried out. The existing buildings were renovated, and modern buildings, kitchens and toilets were built in Building 1. All living quarters and wagons were supplied with water and electricity, and in front of the wagons there were small cabins, and their surroundings were decorated. A sports field was organized to help students organize their leisure time. For planting and gardening, 100 seedlings, 100 nut seedlings, and 100 species of ornamental plants were planted.

The practice of preparing a future pharmacy is of great importance. Studies of pharmacognosy and botany are conducted on the basis of the educational practice of the Chimgan Institute, the Botanical Garden of the Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and the experimental section of a plant plant.


At the Chimyon educational and practical base, students study processes such as picking, drying, preparing raw materials, processing raw materials in the laboratories of the institute, removing the active ingredients of drugs, and research work. At the same time, our students have the opportunity to practice summer study course  in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.


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