Announcement! Announcement of contest of articles.
29.03.2019, 16:04

Dear students! At the Institute plans to hold a contest of articles on the topics “Education against ignorance“, “How do I understand the threat of religious extremism and ter...

Announcement! “Uzbekistan sings about the Motherland!”.
29.03.2019, 15:52

In accordance with the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PP-3990 from 1 November 2018 “On holding the International festival basilisco art” 5-10 April in the city of Terme...

“ Language and communication”. We invite everyone.
28.03.2019, 17:42

March 29, 2019,  in the 4 pair, Department of languages and the Department of  Humanitarian Sciences will held an intergrated and interactive  seminar on the theme “ Language and comm...

Announcement! All are welcomed.
26.03.2019, 11:39

On March 28, 2019, at 10:00 in auditorium 41, demo lesson will be held by the Russian teacher of the Languages Chair, G.U. Maxmudbekova on the topic: “Из истории микробиологии “. (F...

Indonesian embassy announces scholarship program
23.03.2019, 11:35

The Embassy of Indonesia announces a scholarship program under the “Program for Partnership with Developing Countries” (scholarship KNB-KEMITRAAN NEGARA BEKEMBANG). Training courses will be con...

Announcement! «Angiosperms. The emergence of reproductive organs. Flowers and inflorescences».  All the teachers and students are invited.
18.03.2019, 14:39

On 19 march 2019 year at 830 in the auditorium 129 will be held a Demolesson of Pharmacognozy of the assistant-professor of Pharmacognozy Chair M.T. Yulchieva on theme «Angiosperms. The...

Announcement! Professors and teachers!
14.03.2019, 13:59

Professors and teachers! If you want to learn more, to know more news, or comment on a high-quality education system, you can subscribe to this...

Announcement! “Preparation for IELTS exams: problems and solutions”
14.03.2019, 12:50

March 14, 2019of 13:30  in the Small Hall of the Institute a teacher of the University of Westminster in Tashkent Kamila Tangirova holds a roundtable on the topic “Preparation for IELTS exams:...