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What do we know about tea?

Tea is a national drink of many nations. In ancient China, the lunar months hung on New Year’s Eve, with photos of ancestors near the family house, with 5 dishes and 5 cups of tea per day. In Chienszia, often 3 cups of tea are given to the figures, and next to the sacrificial course is put fresh tea leaves. In the south of China, dinners were used to drink tea 1 and 5 on New Year’s Eve, a cup of tea and a couple of olive oils.

The Chinese word “Mr. Hao “(white whale) is the common name for the highest quality tea. Folded teas are called “baikhovi”. Tea Information is given in the Chinese manuscripts of the previous 2700s B.C.. The documentary evidence of the year 770 is that the source of nutrition is the source of nutritional value. The tradition of tea drinking in the IV-III centuries BC was common among the population of this state (now the province of Sichuan). The Khan dynasty (II-IX century BC) also appeared as a tea product. In the VII-X centuries, the Tang empire spread to the north-west and Tibet.

Historical data from 231-263 says that Shyaan brought 7 seedlings of seedlings from India to Sichuan. Chinese scholars say that tea was delivered from the missionaries of the Buddha. He grew up from 350 years. The first leaf planting center was the Sichuan Son. In the fifth century, tax money was paid to the emperor. Some of the tea grown in 732 was taken by the state. For the first time in 780, World Tea Traktat (Chatszin) was created. The state monopoly on the production of tea was banned by sowing 835-year-old tea on small farms, and then allowed. Special tax is paid as “tea money”.

Tea production is a secret, such as silk, brooch, paper, porcelain and compass. Where tea grows was kept secret from foreigners. Blue tea in the south, red tea in the north- Juancha was popular. In the capital, cups of tea were used in ancient vats of yellow tea with circular motions, which was a great way to bring them on horse. It was popular in Turkestan as the “head of a horse.” Tea came out for the 1st time during the dynasty Tam (618-907). Tea as a gift to Samato’s Yamato brought to Japan. In japan, in the V century, there are 130 types of tea that were grown in the IX century for science and medicine. Chinese “Tia” – in scientific language, the meaning of “thea” means “green leaf”. The tea tree, which is about 300 years old in the Chinese Museum, is now fruiting and yielding.

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Can I drink tea with medication?

Most of us are used to drinking pills with any kind of liquid. Some of us take  their medicines with tea, juice, compote and coffee. Unfortunately, not all of us can understand the threat. Because the chemicals in these fluids can interact with the drugs themselves and cause unexpected discomfort. As a result of these circumstances, it is likely that drugs can not only lose their therapeutic properties, but can even become a source of toxicity for the body.

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