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Sadulla Iskandarov

Sadulla Iskandarov worked as the rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute from July 22, 1991 to November 10, 2000.

S.Iskandarov was born in 1939 in the Bagat district of the Khorezm region. After graduating from the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute in 1961, he worked at an 81-pharmacy, and then moved to the Institute of Plant Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. He began his work as a graduate student (1962-1965), and then continued as a research assistant.

In 1973 -1977 he worked as vice-rector for educational and scientific work of the Khorezm Pedagogical Institute. Then he moved to the Khorezm regional hokimiyat, in 1977-1978 he was appointed director of the Central Asian Research Institute of Oil Refining, then in 1978 rector of the Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization. In 1986, he worked as a professor in the department of chemistry and head of the laboratory, and in 1989–1991 as head of the department. Iskandarov headed the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute in 1991-2000 and at the same time headed the central research laboratory. In this period of time in 1993-1994, he headed the concern UzFarmsanoat. Then he returned and continued his activities.

In 1967, he defended his thesis, and in 1973 his doctoral thesis. In 1980 he received the academic title of Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry, in 1991 he became an Academician of Agriculture, in 1989 he became a member of the Academy, and then a real member.

Academician S.Iskandarov wrote 3 textbooks, more than 100 articles and 39 author’s inventions.

Mannon Azizovich Azizov

Mannon Azizovich Azizov worked as rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute from February 1957 to July 22, 1970.

Mannon Azizovich Azizov was born in 1913 in the city of Tashkent. In 1937 he graduated from the Department of Chemistry of the Central Asian State University. From 1937 he began working at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute: first as an assistant, then as an assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry (1937-1944), after that he headed the Department of Analytical Chemistry (1944-1957). In 1957-1970 he worked as the rector of the institute. And in 1970 he again became the head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry. It was during this period that a laboratory was created at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute on the creation of various biologically active and complex compounds of microelements and until the end of his days (1987) he headed this laboratory.

Mannon Azizovich Azizov in 1944 defended his thesis in chemistry, in 1968 defended his doctoral thesis. In 1960 he became a professor in the Department of Analytical Chemistry.

In 1961, Mannon Azizovich Azizov was awarded the title of Honored Inventor of Uzbekistan, in 1964 – the title of Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan.

The scientific work of this outstanding scientist was devoted to the synthesis of complex compounds of microelements used in medicine and agriculture (veterinary). Under his leadership, about 500 complex compounds of microelements with various biologically active substances have been synthesized and from them the preparations koamide, ceramide, cobalt-30, cupier are introduced into medical practice.

Mannon Azizovich Azizov was the supervisor of 25 Ph.D. and 4 doctoral theses, is the author of 2 monographs and 220 scientific articles.

Hamid Kholmatovich Kholmatov

Hamid Kholmatovich Kholmatov worked as the rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute from July 23, 1970 to February 10, 1985

Hamid Kholmatovich Kholmatov was born in 1923 in the town of Marki, Dzhambul region of Kazakhstan. In 1944, after graduating from the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, he worked as a graduate student (1944-1947) in the Department of Pharmacognosy, then in 1977 became a professor in this department. During this period, Hamid Kholmatovich Kholmatov worked as a dean (1957-1959), vice-rector for scientific and educational work (1959-1970). From 1970 to 1984 he worked as rector of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, in 1985 he was appointed head of the Department of Pharmacognosy, then continued his work as a professor in the department.

Hamid Holmatovich Holmatov in 1950 defended his thesis, in 1975 defended his doctoral thesis. He is a doctor of pharmaceutical sciences on the topic: “Wild medicinal plants with diuretic action, growing in Uzbekistan.”

The direction of his scientific work is the study of medicinal plants used by Avicenna and traditional medicine. He is the author of about 270 scientific works (13 monographs, 16 brochures, 4 dictionaries, 3 textbooks, 4 manuals, about 230 scientific articles), 8 temporary pharmacopoeial articles, 2 patents and 2 certificates of authorship.

Under his leadership, 7 Ph.D. and 3 doctoral theses were defended. In 1977, Hamid Kholmatovich Kholmatov was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan”. In 1983 – the title of “Honored Public Health Officer of Uzbekistan.” Since 1953, he has been an “Excellence in Public Health” and “An Excellence in High Education”

Erkin Rakhimovich Tashmukhamedov

Erkin Rashimovich Tashmukhamedov worked as rector of Tashfarmi from January 25, 1989 to June 22, 1991. Erkin Rakhimovich Tashmukhammedov was born in 1930 in the city of Tashkent. In 1952, after graduating from Tashfarmi, he entered the post-graduate course of the pharmaceutical faculty of the 1 -Nm.M. Sechenov in Moscow. After graduating from graduate school he works as a senior lecturer in the department of organization and economics farm. affairs (1956-1963), in 1988-2010. – Associate Professor and Professor of this department.

After graduating from the graduate school, he works as a senior lecturer in the department of organization and economics in the Tashfarmi farm (1956-1963), associate professor, in 1988-2010. worked as a professor.

In 1976-1978. He worked as a dean of Tashfarmi, in 1985-1987. Dean of the Faculty of Advanced Training of Pharmacists (FUP) and in 1988 -1991g rector Tashfarmi.

In 1985, Erkin Rakhimovich Tashmukhamedov defended his thesis for a doctoral degree at the Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute on the topic “Improving the work of providing the population with medicines and preventive institutions in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.”

His scientific work is devoted to “Improving the provision of the population of the Uzbek Republic and health care institutions with drugs.”

E.R.Tashmukhamedov is the author of 2000 scientific articles and 4 monographs.

Under his leadership, defended 20 master’s theses. He was awarded the title “Excellence in Public Health”, “Honored Worker of Public Health”.

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