Bachelor degree programs


Bachelor degree:

  • Pharmacy (all types);
  • Professional education (pharmacy);
  • Industrial Pharmacy (all types).
  • Biotechnology (pharmaceutical biotechnology);
  • Metrology, standardization and product quality management (pharmacy);


The institute operates in the following departments:

  • Pharmacy;
  • Industrial Pharmacy;
  • The faculty of training pharmacists


The educational process is conducted in the following departments:

  • The chair of Inorganic, physical and colloidal chemistry
  • The chair of analytic chemistry
  • The chair of medicinal forms technology
  • The chair of pharmacognozy
  • The chair of toxicological chemistry
  • The chair of organizing pharmacy
  • The chair Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy
  • The chair of pharmaceutical chemistry
  • The chair of industrial pharmacy of medicinal forms
  • The chair of biotechnology
  • The chair of Standardization and Quality Management of Medicines
  • The chair of Medical and Biological Sciences
  • The chair of organic and biologic chemistry
  • The chair of physics, maths and informational technologies
  • The chair of languages
  • The chair of social sciences



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