Congratulations to the winners of the “Reader-student” contest among students of the institute

23.06.2020, 13:51 News 273

In order to popularize the culture of reading and reading among students of the institute, to increase and stimulate their interest in books, a contest “Reader-student” was held among students of the institute.

The competition among students of the institute was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Charter, and the creative work of students sent by telegram to the social network was evaluated by the jury.

The following students took an active part in the competition and won prizes at the institutional stage of the competition.

The absolute winner of the competition was Ramazonova Shahzoda Shoim kyzy, 4th year student of group 401 B of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Congratulations to the students who took an active part in this competition and won.

N.Kh. Ashurova

Head of Youth, Spirituality and Education Department