Associate professors of PTLS Department Rakhimova O. R. and Zufarova Z. H. visited the enterprise in LLC SIRDARYO GLASS with students of 401 and 403 groups of the 4th year of faculty of industrial pharmacy.

12.12.2019, 17:15 Institute news, News 257

Established in the Syrdarya Free Economic Zone, the plant produces bottles for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Students familiarized themselves with the process of production of vials used in the pharmaceutical industry. The company was able to supply bottles to all pharmaceutical companies in the country. The company produces bottles for pharmaceutical purposes, and the latest technologies in Germany, the Czech Republic and France are set up to organize production. Different types of bottles are produced on the basis of local raw materials. As a result of the visit, the students learned about the process of production of bottles and samples of products.