At the Department of Medical and Biological Disciplines of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy, an hour of spirituality is dedicated to the life and work of Ph.D., professor Abzalov A.A.

09.11.2019, 17:04 Institute news, News 696

The 04 November 2019 a meeting was held at the Department of Medical and Biological Disciplines, dedicated to the scientific activities of Ph.D., professor Abzalov A.A., who worked for a long time and continues to work on the problems of the physiology and biotechnology of medicinal plants. During the meeting, Abzalov A.A. spoke about his main scientific works, about the first steps in science, about the scientific contribution to the development of scientific activity of the republic. The meeting was attended by first-year students of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy, as well as the faculty of the department. At the end of the meeting, students asked questions on urgent problems of pharmaceutics, biotechnology of medicinal plants, to which candidate of biological sciences, professor A.A. Abzalov gave detailed and complete answers.


Head of the Department of Medical and biological disciplines: Nuralieva H.O.