A joint cycle was organized at the Institute of Plant Chemistry for Students of Group 308A of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy

10.10.2019, 15:57 Institute news, News 571

On October 3, 2019, under the leadership of a senior researcher at the Institute of Plant Chemistry, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Sh.N. Madrahimov and an assistant at the Department of Industrial Technology of Medicines Z. Zuparova, a joint cycle was created for students of the 308 A group of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy in the subject of Pharmaceutical technology on the topic “Technology for the production of streptocide tablets and sodium chloride.”


During the lesson, students mastered the topic and applied a wide range of practical knowledge in the stages of tablet manufacturing technology: such as selection of basic and auxiliary substances, preparation of the pressed mass using the wet granulation method, mixing, drying and tablet production in a shoe-type tablet machine.