Among the students of the faculty of industrial pharmacy held a competition “Best presentation of works”

14.06.2019, 14:15 Institute news, News 699

In order to ensure the implementation of ”5 important initiatives to improve the spirituality of young people and the organization of their leisure” on June 11, 2019, the contest ”Best presentation of works”was held at the Tashkent pharmaceutical Institute. The event was organized by the Dean of the faculty of industrial pharmacy Z. U. Mamatkulova and the Department of social Sciences..

The event was opened by the rector of the Institute I. Alimdzhanov. Guest of the event: representative of the Union of writers R. Vohidov, head of the Department for youth, spirituality and education N. H.Ashurova, associate Professor of social Sciences L. S. Yuldasheva and teacher of the Institute, as well as artistic Director of the theater Studio of the Institute N. Eh.Yusupova also spoke on the topic. The competition was attended by 1st year students of the faculty of industrial pharmacy, divided into 18 teams, with their theatrical performances. Conditions of the competition were organized as follows:

–  the teams told about the life and work of the author of works of art,

– the content and essence of the work are covered in the form of a presentation

– a brief dramatization of the work.

The event was attended with performances of works: students group 106-B of the faculty of industrial pharmacy-“Padarkush” of Behbudi, group 108-B, 101-A and B “Revolt of daughters-in-law”  of S.Ahmad and took 3rd place. The team of group 102-A “Affairs of the world” of U. Khoshimov and the team of group 105-A “Past days” of A.Kadyri and took 2nd In the final stage the first place was awarded to the team of group 110-A for staging “Boburnoma” of Z.M.Babur. The winners were awarded with diplomas.








Press-secretary of institute N.L.Usmanova