At the sight of the living conditions of students F.J.Fozilov, A.S.Odilov and F.Nazarmatov living in 37th  room of student’s dormitory, mood falls.

30.05.2019, 10:22 Institute news, News, Без рубрики 703

Our people attach great importance to such issues as cleanliness and order, proper nutrition. Cleanliness is the key to human health.  They say that prosperity begins with the soul. In fact, when the soul is pure, carefree, it wants freedom, prosperity, purity and beauty.

To date, with the participation of the rector of the Institute and a group of executives conducted a test to study the state of the hostel of students of the Institute. The survey identified students who did not observe cleanliness in living conditions. Man, seeing the situation in the room, surprised. After all, how can a person live in such a state? The management of the Institute at least 2 times a week conducts propaganda work among students living in the hostel on the issues of order, purity and morality. But this promotion didn’t seem to affect students living in 37th room of student dormitory. If at the entrance to the room students draw pictures, then looking at the picture, you might think that the appearance of students is as follows.  Entering the room, it is difficult to find where the door is.

We hope very much that this room will also take a place among the rooms that show everyone as an example. If such cases are repeated again, the students named above will be excluded from the student dormitory.


Head of Department on youth work, spirituality and education  Nigora Ashurova