At the Institute organized an event “Day of spirituality”

29.05.2019, 17:08 Institute news, News 831

In order to organize meaningful leisure of students of the Institute, to get acquainted with the creative work carried out in our country, a number of practical activities are carried out. May 29, 2019 at the Institute was organized the event “Day of spirituality”. The event was organized on the basis of a specially developed plan, as well as in academic groups in the framework of the designated topics held round tables, open dialogues, meetings, lectures. In the course of the interviews were conducted advocacy activities on the following topics: “the role of teachers in the formation of spirituality of youth”, “Ethics of human value,” “Prevention of trafficking is the demand of time”, “Donation–characteristic for Uzbeks dignity”, and “Educating against ignorance”, “the Role of teachers in the formation of spirituality of youth”, “Life without tobacco” to the 1 of may – International day of tobacco. The visit of students with curators to the arena of Humo, the Palace of youth creativity, the Museum of Geology and Institute, Park named after G.Gulyam, Dustlik (former Bobur), Ashxabat Park, Ankhor-Lokomotiv Park, Tashkent Polytechnic Museum was also organized.