Cooperation between the Faculty of the Department of Standardization and Management of Quality of Medicinal Products and the Center for Advanced Technologies under the Ministry of Innovations

21.05.2019, 16:22 Institute news, News 718

Professor Tulaganov A.A. and Assistant of the Department of Standardization and Quality Management of the Department of Ramazonov Kamol conducted a laboratory lesson “Validation of the production of medicines” for group 402 B of the industrial pharmacy direction in the “Center for Advanced Technologies”.

The center serves as the technological platform of the Ministry, which provides opportunities for scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop joint solutions that are economically beneficial for all participants and the Republic of Uzbekistan as a whole.

The main tasks of the Center

  • carrying out fundamental, applied research and innovation in the field of advanced technologies;
  • implementation of targeted scientific, technical and innovative programs, assistance in the creation of research and experimental structures;
  • development of high-tech and advanced technologies, participation in the modeling, prototyping, production of samples of new innovative products and their testing; effective cooperation with academic, university and industry science;
  • promoting the formation of new promising ideas and developments;
  • creation of favorable conditions for young people to master modern research methods, as well as the introduction of information technology capabilities into scientific practice and the expansion and strengthening of international scientific relations.


Department of standardization and quality management of medicines