Memory is precious

08.05.2019, 21:25 Institute news, News 1438

When a person talks about the memory of the people, great ancestors come to life before him, who fought for this people, sparing no effort, knowledge and, if necessary, died for their Homeland. The day of remembrance and honor has become a truly national holiday. This holiday honors those who died during the Second world war, pay tribute to the memory of soldiers and law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in the years of independence.

In connection with the Day of memory and honors on may 9, 2019 in Tashkent pharmaceutical Institute held an event on the theme ”Memory of ancestors – a sacred value“,”Attention and care – human duty”. At the event, stage performances and holiday greetings were organized by the students. Honorary professors and teachers of the Institute were also awarded. Editor-in-chief of the magazine “Sharq Yulduzi “ and “Zvezda vostoka” Sirojiddin Rauf, editorial staff of the magazine “Sharq Yulduzi” Ikrom  Otamurodov participated in the event and stressed that the veneration of our ancestors is a sacred duty, that in our today’s peaceful, prosperous life, our ancestors talked about how many difficulties have been experienced, that we should be grateful for our peaceful life today.

Our main goal is to honor the defenders of the Motherland, to honor the memory of those who worked selflessly among us, to cherish peace, to live in peace and harmony and prosperity.

This spiritually stimulates any person, motivates him to live, create, serve the people with devotion and perseverance on earth.

After all, memory is always sacred, dear.




Press Secretary of the Institute N.L.Usmanova