The introduction of the department of organic and biological chemistry of innovative educational technologies in the performance of independent work of students

02.05.2019, 15:30 Institute news, News 996

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.PD-3775 dated June 5, 2018, the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry “On Additional Measures to Improve the Quality of Education in Higher Education Institutions and Ensure Their Active Participation in Complex Reforms of the Country” technology. One of the topical issues of today is the fact that every innovation in the field of science is revealed in a certain innovative way. April 25-30, 2019 Assistant of the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry, Master of the USA & WLIU(World Languages Institute of Uzbekistan )“WEBSTER” of the University Nuritdinova R.R. for independent work of students in organic chemistry presented an innovative concept of “Poster presentation”, which is widely used in the educational system of the United States. Students of the “Pharmacy” and “Industrial Pharmacy” faculties with the help of this technology demonstrated their own research and creativity on the topic “Heterocyclic compounds”.



Department of Organic and Biologic chemistry