Ornaments of humanity and tricks!

15.04.2019, 15:31 Institute news, News 846

The wisdom in finding a place where people live is that if the yard and the house are unclean, first of all, those who live in this house will suffer. It is important to say that the place where you study is similar to your own home. During the day, you will learn about this place, chat with friends and even have lunch in one place. The degree to which a student saves his home can also be seen through the attitude of the student. The country’s leadership is doing a lot of work so that young people can get knowledge. School premises are being renovated, modern conditions are being created. As an example, take the 4th new building for a new use at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute. Gyms in this building were equipped with modern equipment and all the necessary conditions. This is a great opportunity for students. Unfortunately, some of the tables and chairs in the training rooms of the new building were broken recently.  Each creative work will have its own hard work and difficulties. It is difficult to escape from this, and it is easy to get rid of it.

Surprisingly!!! Is this the work of intelligent educated students?This is an example of the behavior of children of educated people.

You will receive education in this place, you will sit at the same tables and chairs during the lesson. How do you like it?

The doctrines of our religion state that every action performed on the path of purity and tranquility will be highly appreciated and will receive great rewards. If we cleanse ourselves and our surroundings, we will be blessed if we keep it. This generation is also used by modern generations. Dear fellow students, this is like your home. The more you give your home away from home, the material and technical base of your education and training tools you need!







Usmanova N.L. Press Secretary of the Institute