At the Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry an open laboratory class was held in English on the topic: “Five-membered heterocyclic compounds with one heteroatom”

15.04.2019, 12:02 Institute news, News 880

In accordance with the Order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan №PҚ-3151 dated July 27, 2017 “On measures to further expand participation in areas and sectors of the economy in improving the quality of training of highly qualified specialists” in the department of organic and biological chemistry, laboratory classes are held in the subject of organic chemistry in English language. April 4, 2019 assistant of the department, student of AQSH & O’zDJTU “WEBSTER” University Nuritdinova R.R. held an open laboratory lesson for students of the “Pharmacy” group in the 206B group in English on the topic “Five-membered heterocyclic compounds with one heteroatom”. During the lesson, modern pedagogical and information technologies were used, as well as various pedagogical methods used in the US educational system.



Department of Organic and Biological Chemistry