An online lecture with Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and Saint-Petersburg Academy of Chemical  pharmacy

11.04.2019, 15:40 News 1023

An online lecture was held in the conference hall of Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute by docent of  the department of pharmacology and clinical pharmacology of Saint Petersburg  Chemical pharmacy Academy, Ivkin D. Yu on aprel 10  in 2019.

Subject of the lecture: “Pharmacokonsultirovanie i farmakoinformirovanie pri zabolevaniyax oporno-dvigatelnogo


The staff of the department and  the 4th and 5th year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy participated In the lecture.

1.Abzalova N. – Head of the educational department

2.Normakhamatov N. – pro-rector on scientific and innovative work

3.Fayzieva Z.T. – Head of the department, docent

4.Tulyaganov RT – Associate Professor

5.Shiltsova NV – Associate Professor

6.Raximova D. – Associate Professor

7.Umirzakova R – Associate Professor

8.Saidalieva F.A – Senior teacher

9.Moyliev G. – Assistant

10.Davronova X.A – Assistant

11.Sultanova R.X – Senior teacher

The lecture was on the actual topic, listened with interest and was filled with questions and answers.

Department of Pharmacology and clinical pharmacy