“Propaganda of true Islam among students”, “Protecting students from various information attacks”

13.03.2019, 10:01 Institute news, News 905

During the years of independence in our country, were precisely defined the most important and primary directions of creating a legal-democratic and independent civil state. During the past period, a large number of cases were executed in these areas and received the best effects.

Created wide benefits for the development of religion, calling for good. The clear evidence of this is the freedom of the Muslims of our independent country. Freedom of religion is guaranteed in our Constitution. At this time there is an atmosphere of friendship, unity, peace among representatives of different nationalities and religions in our country. Living in peace and the consent of representatives of different religions is a pronounced example of religious and legal unity in Uzbekistan.

Work on training issues that determine our life today and tomorrow and make all our dreams come true. Certainly, this is proof of the upbringing of healthy, full-fledged youth. In this regard, on March 12, 2019 at 12:00 in the large assembly hall of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute was organized a spiritual and educational event on the theme “Promoting true Islam among students”, “Protecting students from various information attacks”

The event was attended by women’s affairs adviser to the chief imam of the Mirabad district Tilyaeva Karomat. This event was organized by the initiative of the Department of Languages, the teacher-tutor of the institute and the department of work with youth and spiritual and educational affairs. The event was attended by 200 students.



Press Secretary of the Institute N.L.Usmanova