At the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute dedicated an event to the 8th of March the International Women’s Day on the theme “You are dear and sacred woman”

07.03.2019, 17:46 Institute news, Events, News 2313

March 8th International Women’s Day makes it clear that spring has set in in our beautiful and unique country. For centuries, women have been a symbol of love and loyalty. Speaking about women, first of all, the image of the mother comes to life. Each person recognizes all the secrets, all the goodness and sincerity of life thanks to the love of the mother.


     Without women, there would be no beauty of life. Such concepts as a man, family, woman can not be represented separately.


     In fact, our dear mothers and beloved sisters unite the family and society, give them feelings of love, abundance, kindness.On March 7, 2019, at 14:00, in the large assembly hall of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute hosted an event on the theme “You are dear and sacred woman” with the participation of all professors, faculty members and departments. The rector of the institute, I.I.Alimdjanov, opened the event with his sincere congratulations and handed precious gifts and certificates to the employees, who were distinguished by the efficiency of their work activity during 2018-2019. Then the event continued with the participation of such guests as honored Artist of Uzbekistan Ravshan Kamilov, actor of the Uzbek State Theater of Satire, comedian Sherzod Baimuradov, winner of the prize Nihol Nilufar Usmanova, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan Khosiyat Khusanova, Editor-in-Chief of the entertainment of film and film program, owner of the prize “Oltin qalam” (“Gold pensil”) Dildora Mardieva and dubbing actress, TV presenter Dildora Bekjanova pleased everyone with their congratulatory performances.




Press Secretary N.L.Usmanova