“Paradise is under the feet of mothers”

07.03.2019, 15:55 Institute news, News 1354

Women, girls are compared with spring, and spring with them. Beauty, tenderness, renewal, life expectancy are combined with such concepts as Women and Girls. International Women’s Day March 8th says about the arrival of a beautiful spring in our unique homeland.

For centuries, women have been a symbol of love and loyalty. Speaking about women, first of all, mother’s life comes to life before our eyes. Every person recognizes all the secrets of life, all kindness and sincerity thanks to the love of the mother.

Without women, there would be no beauty of life. Such concepts as a man, family, woman can not be represented separately.

In fact, family, society unite and give them feelings of love, abundance, kindness our dear mothers and beloved sisters. Indeed, women occupy a special place in the family and society. Smart, beautiful women maintain a sincere and fair atmosphere in the family and in society with their love and care. No wonder the great thinkers compared the Motherland with the Mother. The most deserving people to the concept of “Dear Ones” are mothers. For our mentality, the most important value is caring for the Mother. Because respecting women, we will value our family, our Homeland. According to the words of  Poet of uzbek nation and Hero of Uzbekistan A.Aripov:

For a man, the only homeland

There is only one Mother in the world.

Dear and beloved women! We sincerely congratulate you on the Coming 8th of March! We wish you a long life, good health, happiness and good luck! Abundance, peace to your families and all best wishes!

                                                                                               Institute direction.