At the Department of Analytical Chemistry, a meeting was organized with young Uzbek scientists who conducted research work in China
20.02.2020, 17:17

On February 19, 2020, a meeting was held between masters and 1-2 year students in the direction of “Pharmacy” with young Uzbek scientists – Ph.D. (PhD) A. Asrorov and Master Z. Nur...

A meeting was held with Abdulla Tangriyev and Shuhrat Arslonov
20.02.2020, 15:48

Currently, the Republic of Uzbekistan pays great attention to the development of sports and increasing international competitiveness of young athletes, training of high-physical potential,...

Head of the Department for Organization of research activities of youth with disabilities F.A.Umarova took part in the” round of girls ” contest as a member of the jury
20.02.2020, 15:16

On February 19, 2020, at 14-00 among the students of the Faculty of Forestry and landscape design of Tashkent State Agrarian University was held a contest “round of girls”. The...

(Uzbek) Diqqatni jamlashga ruhiy  holatni yahshilashga  qaratilgan trening o’tkazildi
20.02.2020, 13:35

Sorry, this text is only available in the Uzbek...

A master class was organized for students living in the hostel. 
20.02.2020, 13:19

For a meaningful free time for students at the institute,  “The Culinary Secrets circle”, a master class was organized for students living in a dormitory, senior teacher of the department of bi...