Masret-class for English language teachers
20.12.2019, 12:35

Tuychieva S., Akhmedova S., Karimova N. and Mirazimova S. heid a Masret-class on “Using information technologies affectively at English lessons on 10-11 grades pupils” for English language tea...

Teaching staff of the department of standardization and quality management of medicines is learning English in innovative ways.
20.12.2019, 12:16

Knowledge of languages ​​is like a magic key that will help you open mysterious doors and expand your worldview, including foreign culture. Knowledge of languages ​​gives everyone more opportu...

Collaboration of the department “Technology of dosage forms” with the Almazar College of Medicine
20.12.2019, 11:46

Cooperation is ongoing between the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and the Almazar College of Medicine. 12/17/2019 Senior Lecturer of the Department “Technologies of dosage...