To meaningfully organize the free time of students, the teacher of the Department of Biotechnology D.K. Nurmukhamedova visited the “Center for Spirituality and Education” with students from group 106 of the Faculty of Industrial Pharmacy. 
20.11.2019, 16:57

Within the framework of the “Day of Spirituality” organized by the institute, a discussion was held between students of groups 106-A and 106-B of the faculty of Industrial Pharmacy “Reading is...

Frank Ryossner held a master class on “Adsorption” for the professors and teachers of the Department of Inorganic, Physical and Colloid Chemistry.
20.11.2019, 16:12

In 14the of November, 2019 Professor Frank Roessner (Oldenburg university of mathematic and Life science, Germany) was conducted master class on topic of “Adsorption” for the professor stuff of...