Assistant of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and IT Sh.S.Khalilova held an open lesson at the school
04.11.2019, 15:59

Assistant of the Department “Physics, Mathematics and IT” of Tashkent pharmaceutical Institute Sh.S. Khalilova 31.10.2019  in the 10 “J” class of 260 school of...

An open lecture of the Department of Technology of dosage forms
04.11.2019, 15:17

In November 1, 2019, for 4 year students of  group  401 A-B of the faculty of Pharmacy, areas of vocational education held  an open lecture of the Department of Pharmaceutical Forms Technology...

At the Department “Technologies of dosage forms” held an open lecture on the theme: “Preparation of complex powders with potent and toxic substances”
04.11.2019, 15:12

This open lecture was held by 3rd grade students, the 2nd stream of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Assistant Professor of the Department of TDF, D. F. Sharipova I.S. During the lecture, knowledge of...

In cooperation with the Department of Standardization of Quality Management of Medicines in cooperation with Pharmacy and the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, an integration report on the theme “Development and production of medicines. Ways to find new medicines ”
04.11.2019, 14:24

November 2, 2019, at 12:00, in collaboration with the professor of the Department of Standardization and Quality Management of Medicines, Professor G.T. Tillaeva and senior lecturer of the...

Conducting laboratory studies of the department of “Technologies of dosage forms” in the branch
04.11.2019, 14:06

In the Afsonak-63 branch, 3-year students of the 311st group of the “Pharmacy” faculty group conducted a laboratory lesson on the subject “Pharmaceutical technology” by the assistant of the dep...